Movies seem to be a part of everyday life for the average American. We line up to see our favorites in theaters, we create home entertainment systems to watch our favorite flicks again and again, we buy countless movie memorabilia to show our affection for Hollywood. Movies also bring families together – all other distractions are turned off or ignored for 90-120 minutes as we watch another reality come to life in front of us. We share that experience with those we love around us.

Movie Nights were essential in my family while I was growing up. We couldn’t afford a lot of trips to the theater so most new movies were viewed at home. Mom would break out the frozen pizza and we’d microwave popcorn (or before that mom had an old popcorn popper) and we’d sit and watch movies together. That tradition slowed down once I went away to college, but when I moved back home and began planning our Family Trip to Walt Disney World I needed a way to countdown to when we would finally take off. What better way than to bring back the family movie nights – but with a twist!

Instead of the same ol’ pizza and popcorn, I took this movie countdown as a way to push my culinary interests to a new level. I’ve always loved to bake, but I needed to learn to cook. This gave me not only an excuse to cook, but a challenge to find menus that were themed with what we were watching.

Now I’m bringing that challenge to all sorts of movies, not just Disney. Recipes are typically found online or in cookbooks and brought together in a cohesive menu. All are tried by myself and my family and I will offer tips on how to get an Award Winning result every time. I hope this encourages you to share with your family as it has me with mine.


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